Max Chaoul

Max Chaoul

After studying at the famous Georges School, Max Choual went to Paris as a trainee for Pierre d’Alby and became the assistant of Agnes B., Nicole Fahri and Castelbajac.

In 1972, he was working as a designer for Christian Joss.

Fascinated by the wedding area, he took advantage of his experience to dedicate his life to “Max Chaoul Couture”. In 1994, he opened his showroom place Bellecour in Lyon.

World well known, he got many rewards:
— 2000, Meryl Award of the best European designer (Venice)
— 2001, Bridal Award of the best designer (New York)
— 2003, Wedding Trends Award (France)
— 2004, Wedding Trends Award (USA)
— 2005, 2006, 2007, Wedding Trends Award (France)