Road by David Gevorkov Ready-to-Wear Fall-winter 2012-2013

The very haute-couture show by David Gevorkov (ex-Fresh Art and David&Aleksander), now working under the brand ROAD, once again reminded us that the most spectacular and interesting works belong to those participants of the Week who actually make the clothing themselves.

Having set a very complicated aesthetic task - to combine urban grunge (with a very Western spirit indeed) and the mysterious beauty of the East, Gevorkov found the feeling in what is common between the two cultures - black - and dressed his androgynous monsters into oriental materials of this colour - velvet, cashmere, leather, sheepskin, Arabic satin - completing them with grunge elements - hyperintensive piercing and metallic insets in the fabric itself. As a result, every deliberate deviation from black - a yellow lining or green vest - represents a genuine explosion of colour.