Ibrahim El Sharif Couture “The Tainted Rose”, S/S 2013

Two transitional stages between captivity and liberty were uncovered through rich colors, designs scented by rose fragrance, and season charm that were presented by the designer Ibrahim Al Sharif who was exposed to spotlight after his first integrated collection for Spring-Summer 2013 season which bears the name “The Trained Rose” based on his artistic talent in the world of designs which blossomed since his childhood and was crowned by opening “Is design House”, his own fashion house.

The idea of the collection summarizes the designer’s experience in an artistic tale in which two women played the role of the heroines defying the social environment before crossing over into the world’s spotlight. This is the scenario that conforms to a large extent with the experience of the designer Ibrahim Al Sharif whose talent has sparkled since his childhood during which he designed extraordinary dresses that his mother acted upon. Therefore, he framed his collection by the colors starting from dark colors like black and navy blue that represents the social obstacles which limit women’s freedom in the surrounding society switching to the strong bright such as yellow and red that resemble freedom and liberty from all restraints to terminate his collection by the white pure color that announces the breakthrough of an innovative experience and new dawn in the life of the artist within his social environment. He grants his bouquet of colors to the woman who is the star of all eras.

This scenario complies with the artistic aspirations that go along with the announcement of the first collection wherein the designer Ibrahim Al Sharif has portrayed a collection within a scenery framework originated from the name of the collection itself “the tainted rose" by reffering to social restraints. However, the collection expresses its conformity with the Spring- Summer season by virtue of the delightfulness which prevailed in the designs that consist of long and short dresses and the chic elegant charm that complies with the trendy fashionable aspiration of women. In addition, the fabrics convey the artistic momentum regarding their smoothness and tenderness, and the femininity revealed by lace, muslin, tulle, chiffon as well as utilizing ancient fabrics from his mother’s closet that he redesigned in a modern design framework that meet the aspirations of the affectionate and elegant women.

The thick belt overshadowed “The Trained Rose” collection mainly used in long and evening dresses. These belts emerge in the two colors of silver and gold to express his vision of the woman as a star whom he addresses in the collection. These belts were added to a bouquet of needlework using Swarovski stones and aged metal pieces as well as “paillette” and embossed roses that reveal the spirit of the collection and its artistic goal… Thorns have appeared in the needlework sewed on the shoulders and in all the different places on the dresses resembling the whole general concept. Some of the apparent artistic shapes have a hippy and rock touch represented by the vertical spikes that represent this art.

The freedom that signifies the collection, due to its colors, was disclosed by the designer Ibrahim Al Sharif with the color of joy and contentment that was represented by the white wedding dress that arose glamorously with its elegant stylish impression, and its needlework performed on embossed rose textiles of the same fabric which itself was derived from the theme of the collection and its name to enforce freedom and liberty from all social restraints fulfilling this theme at the end of the collection “The Trained Rose”.